Meet the team

ELAROS is a private digital health company incubated by NHS organisations, that represents a breakthrough, not only in terms of the innovative nature of its product development, but also in its partnership approach that brings together the NHS, the academic community and industry. ELAROS has partnered with The University of Leeds to digitise and enhance its C19-YRS questionnaire by developing a clinical web portal and patient app with another Sheffield-based software development company and strategic partner, Pipe and Piper Ltd.

The NHS organisations involved in ELAROS are:

Devices for Dignity: a NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operative set up to drive forward innovative new products, processes and services to support people with long-term conditions, preserving their dignity and independence. Devices for Dignity is hosted by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Medipex Ltd and NHS Innovations North: the UK NHS Innovation Hubs for Yorkshire & Humber and the North East Region. Their mission is to facilitate the development of services and products that cut costs and improve patient care.

Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: who provide the clinical direction for ELAROS.

North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group: with whom ELAROS is working to commercialise the hydration monitoring system, Hydr8, and a service improvement management software, the CQI Toolkit. 

Professor Paul O'Brien
CEO & Director

Peter Cunliffe
Finance Director

Román Rocha Lawrence
Director of Research & Development

Oscar Petherick
Research & Development Manager

Henry Robinson
Regulatory Affairs & IT Manager

Dr Tom Richards
Scientific Director of NeuRestore

Oliwia Zwara

Pipe & Piper Ltd is ELAROS' long-term strategic technology development partners who we have worked with for a number of years to help bring ELAROS' ideas into reality.

It is through ELAROS' first product, the Digital Bladder Diary, which P&P helped to rapidly develop the C19-YRS system into world-leading, award-winning, long Covid assessment and management platform which has been taken up by a significant portion of the United Kingdom and internationally.
Pipe & Piper provide cross platform mobile application design, cloud software development and web design services focused on delivering high-end bespoke digital business solutions right here from our Sheffield based offices. We love cloud and mobile technology, it’s something that we as a team have an abundance of passion for! We use this tied with our experience to provide our customers with something that’s incredibly unique and that is guaranteed to fulfil their digital requirements.