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An award-winning digital platform for the remote assessment, triage, monitoring, management and rehabilitation of patients with long term conditions. A not for profit initiative for all public health organisations.

Recommended nationally by NHS England and
NHS Scotland.

Developed with the NHS, available worldwide.

Adaptable across a range of long-term condition services research studies.

Customisable support resources for local services.

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Real-time remote patient and participant monitoring

Configure your virtual centres to align with clinical pathways and research protocols.

Customise support resources to support users throughout their journey.

Monitor patient outcomes, track user engagement and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of services.


Support across a range of services

Choose from a suite of patient-reported outcome measures for a range of long-term conditions, for clinical practice or in research.

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A range of features to support a range of services

Initial assessment and triage

  • Choose from 40+ PROMs for a range of conditions
  • Customise your assessments for different services
  • Add bespoke assessments for your clinic

Remote patient monitoring

  • Set custom reminders for follow-up assessments
  • Monitor patients remotely 
  • Real time patient messaging

Post-discharge monitoring

  • Collect outcomes at discharge
  • Facilitate patient-initiated follow-up
  • Monitor patients in the community post-discharge

Research tools

  • E-consent functionality
  • Auto-pseudonymisation of patient data
  • GDPR-compliant processing
  • Create bespoke research projects

Service reporting

  • Export cohort-level data
  • Analyse trends across patient groups
  • Export simple yet powerful clinical reports to electronic health records

Self-management and rehabilitation

  • Access NHS resources for a range of symptoms
  • Signpost to national resources
  • Add bespoke resources
  • Translatable resources
  • Resources for CYP
"The C19 APP has literally been a game-changer, reducing the patient’s waiting time massively.

The APP is user friendly and generally patients complete their YRS on the day we send the APP info out, resulting in their waiting time being reduced for their virtual appointment by at least 10-14 days.

The patient information is so easy to take from the C19 and add on to SystmOne and when we then require them to complete other measures it’s a super easy process to log back into the APP and amend which requirements we need next from them.

Postage and printing time and costs have been reduced massively, saving us several hours of work each week printing letters, posting out the YRS, asking patients to return it to us in an SAE and then having to scan the paper copy on to SystmOne. Any technical queries are answered and addressed in a very timely manner and the ELAROS team is so accessible and knowledgeable."
Kerry Rigby
Senior Administrator
Cambridge and Peterborough
NHS Trust

Created by clinical academics, supported by the NIHR

C19-YRS is a clinically validated outcome measure developed by clinical academics at University of Leeds in 2020. Its ongoing development and optimisation for delivery has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

Developed with NHS Trusts

Developed with clinicians across Leeds, Airedale, Salford Royal, Pennine Acute, and Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trusts.
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Enhanced by UK industry experts

Digitally enhanced by ELAROS 24/7 Ltd, building on their established CE-marked medical device, the Digital Bladder Diary platform. This project has been supported by Innovate UK.

Validation for Clinical Assurance

ELAROS C19-YRS has been independently validated by ORCHA as being compliant with national standards for usability, clinical safety, and information governance. ELAROS has met all standards for the NHS DSPT, DTAC, DCB0129 and obtained the CyberEssentials Plus certification, demonstrating good practice in data security and protection.

An award-winning system developed by an award-winning consortium

In September 2022, ELAROS and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust won a national award at the NHS Confederation and AHSN Network’s Innovate Awards in the ‘Outstanding Collaboration with Industry’ category for the development of the C19-YRS digital platform.

Leeds Community Healthcare and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust won the 2021 BMJ Award for the ‘Clinical Leadership Team of the Year’ for the development of the UK’s first long COVID rehabilitation service and their follow on work in developing the digital C19-YRS platform with ELAROS.

ELAROS and The University of Leeds won Medipex’s 2021 Innovation Awards in its ‘Management of Long Term Conditions’ category for the development of the digital C19-YRS.

As featured on BBC North West and ITV News Online

BBC North West featured the C19-YRS app in September 2021 demonstrating its successful rollout at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group.   The full news story can be read online on ITV News here.


The digital C19-YRS has been developed by UK-based digital health company, ELAROS 24/7 Ltd, working closely with clinical researchers at The University of Leeds who developed the original self-report and provided initial funding to initiate the digital development with ELAROS’ third-party strategic partner software development company, PNP Digital in order to rapidly develop the platform to an industrial, clinically safe and secure standard. The scale was developed by clinicians at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, and Airedale and Hull NHS Trusts.

It has been recommended for routine use by NHS England and NHS Scotland, funded by the NIHR, recognised by NICE, published in ACNR and JMIR, and endorsed by the British Society for Rehabilitation Medicine.

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