COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale

A digital assessment and monitoring tool to help remotely manage individuals with persistent COVID symptoms. A not for profit initiative for all NHS organisations.

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The COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale (C19-YRS) is a validated screening tool recommended for use by NHS England and is used as an outcome measure designed to capture the severity of symptoms that persist longer than 4 or more weeks after contracting COVID-19.

The original clinical tool was developed by clinical academics at The University of Leeds using clinical research across the West Yorkshire region and has been recommended for routine use by NHS England. The tool has since been updated by the clinical team and developed into a digital app by UK-based digital health company, ELAROS, to support healthcare organisations by enhancing their service delivery, shortening waiting times, improving access to care and providing a more cost-effective solution for long Covid support services.

The tool is being rolled out across the UK by Salford Royal NHS Trust, The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Airedale NHS Trust and Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust who are the first adopters of the system.

Created by clinical academics

C19-YRS is a clinically relevant outcome tool developed at the University of Leeds to assess persistent COVID-19 symptoms. The tool has been adopted by NHS Trusts across the UK.

Developed with NHS Trusts

Developed with support from Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trusts.

Enhanced by UK industry experts

Digitally enhanced by ELAROS 24/7 Ltd, building on their established CE-marked medical device, the Digital Bladder Diary platform. This project has been supported by Innovate UK.

Recommended by NHS England

NHS England has suggested routine use of C19-YRS at first assessment, 6 weeks and 6 months to monitor Long COVID in their National Guidance published in December 2020. The tool has also been recognised by NICE in their rapid guidelines for managing the long-term effects of COVID-19.

Our Supporters

The C19-YRS has been developed by UK-based digital health company, ELAROS 24/7 Ltd, working closely with clinical researchers at The University of Leeds who developed the original self-report and provided initial funding to initiate the digital development with ELAROS’ third-party strategic partner software development company, Pipe & Piper in order to rapidly develop the platform to an industrial, clinically safe and secure standard. The scale was developed by clinicians at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, and Airedale and Hull NHS Trusts.

It has been recommended for routine use by NHS England, recognised by NICE, published in the ACNR and endorsed by the British Society for Rehabilitation Medicine.


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