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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and ELAROS 24/7 Ltd win national award at the AHSN Network x NHS Confederation 'Innovate Awards'​

In September 2022, the ELAROS, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust were awarded the Outstanding Collaboration with Industry award at the AHSN Network and NHS Confederation ‘Innovate Awards’, attended by almost 400 NHS leaders, innovators and partners.

The award was for our work on “The world’s first validated digital system for the initial assessment, triage, management, monitoring, and rehabilitation of patients with Long COVID”.

 The ELAROS team picked up the award on behalf of the wider Leeds Long Covid Rehab Team and ELAROS partnership.

See University of Leeds press release here

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The Leeds Long Covid Rehab Service, provided by Leeds Community Healthcare Trust & Leeds Teaching Hospitals, has been awarded the 2021 BMJ Clinical Leadership Team of the Year Award. 

This award recognises a team that exemplifies the qualities of clinical leadership, requiring ideas and enthusiasm and often by doing things differently.


On 22nd September, Medipex held their 14th NHS Innovation Awards, which recognises a wealth of inventive devices, technologies and systems designed to improve the health and wellbeing of NHS patients every year. The event is an opportunity to acknowledge and promote the achievements of Winners and Finalists who include NHS staff members, academic teams and companies across the Yorkshire & Humber who have developed innovative ideas to improve patient care across the NHS.

Jennifer Davison and Rachel Tarrant, on behalf of The Leeds Long Covid Community Rehabilitation Service based at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, in partnership with Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Leeds GP Confederation, Leeds CCG, and University of Leeds were nominated as finalists for their “Design and implementation of the Leeds Long covid Community Rehabilitation service”

Dr Manoj Sivan from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in conjunction with Paul O’Brien from Elaros and colleagues from University of Leeds, Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust were also nominated as finalists for “The world’s first validated digital assessment, triage, management, and monitoring system for Long COVID”

The C19-YRS consortium is proud to announce that both finalists were announced as joint winners for the Management of Long Term Conditions in Medipex’s 2021 Awards and Showcase 2021.

Early Implementation Case Study
at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

Sarah Bleasdale - Salford patient

"I found the app easy to download and very user friendly. I’m looking forward to using it more and intrigued as to the next step, hoping it will help me to get the right support and care."

Sarah Bleasdale

Long Covid Patient

NCA Logo

“The app means information can now be sent electronically direct to the Long Covid Clinic Team, so they have information ahead of appointments. We can even decide on the length and type of appointments using the tool to match the needs of the patient."

“The tool will also help with reporting data required for long Covid at a national level.”

Sarah Cannon
Programme Manager

Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

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“The symptoms of long Covid can be devastating for many people and we can now better understand people’s complete range of symptoms. Our patients are very keen to use the app as another tool."

"By inputting the information themselves, they will be able to see how their health is improving over time and use the information to form a discussion with their clinician, as well as to show their family. Previously we were making calls and asking people around 30 questions over the phone with the varying responses."

Taruna Patel

Salford Royal Single Point of Access Team

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“There had been very little digital development to support us dealing with long Covid, so we were keen to get involved in this research project. The C19-YRS was a good approach to support our initial assessments of patients and gave us a good holistic view, but it was tiring for patients, so we started looking into the app.

“It’s great to have been involved in developing the app and our patients told us they wanted it too.

“It will really help patients visualise their progress and let them have informed discussions with their clinician. It will also increase GP knowledge around the progress their patients are making as we can send information electronically to them too.

“It will also help the research agenda, as long Covid is so new we don’t know to what extent people will suffer and how long it will take them to recover. We can contribute to national and local research and also improve our local knowledge to make sure we have the right people in the right service to support our patients.”

June Roberts
Consultant Nurse and Associate Director of Transformation

Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

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"The C19 APP has literally been a game-changer, reducing the patient’s waiting time massively.

The APP is user friendly and generally patients complete their YRS on the day we send the APP info out, resulting in their waiting time being reduced for their virtual appointment by at least 10-14 days.

The patient information is so easy to take from the C19 and add on to SystmOne and when we then require them to complete other measures it’s a super easy process to log back into the APP and amend which requirements we need next from them.Postage and printing time and costs have been reduced massively, saving us several hours of work each week printing letters, posting out the YRS, asking patients to return it to us in an SAE and then having to scan the paper copy on to SystmOne.

Any technical queries are answered and addressed in a very timely manner and Oscar [ELAROS] is so accessible and knowledgeable."

Kerry Rigby
Senior Administrator

Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Lanarkshire Logo

"Lanarkshire have been so impressed with the capacity and capability the digital C19-YRS system brings to our Long Covid Rehabilitation Pathway. Since adoption, people with Long Covid have their initial screening three weeks faster, on average, meaning they are triaged and added to the waiting list 3 weeks sooner. 

Administration report a 90% reduction in time spent supporting screening. Clinicians have easy access to questionnaires and summary reports with a 50% reduction in the time taken to triage each person.

Most importantly, our people with Long Covid on the pathway are spending less time and precious energy to complete the questionnaires. They have access to their own data and can track their own progress – this supports shared decision making regarding care planning, thus really helping the pathway optimise person-centred care. People with Long Covid also have easy access to evidence-based, self-management resources and information.

The platform is intuitive to use for all concerned and there are multiple options for people who may have issues with digital access and literacy. There has been ample opportunity to tailor the platform to the needs of our service – changes have been quick and well-supported.

On a population level, the data the system generates is crucial to build an understanding of the needs of people with Long Covid and evaluate whether our pathway is having an impact. This in turn informs the strategic direction of support for people with Long Covid in Lanarkshire, and across Scotland. The import and potential of a national dataset for Long Covid in Scotland cannot be overemphasised."

Abi Campbell
Clinical Service Lead

NHS Lanarkshire Health Board

North Tyneside CCG logo

"I just wanted to congratulate the Elaros team for the unbelievable development of the Long COVID system you have developed and I know, through personal experience how much this will benefit hundreds, if not thousands of patients who have lasting impacts of COVID 19". 

Wally Charlton
Deputy Director of Transformation

NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group

"From experience in the first wave, 88 patients were screened by phone by a member of the trust totalling on average of 1 hour each. With the number potentially now totalling a minimum of 10x this and with the need to complete 3x per patient the time taken and cost to the trust will be extensive." 

"On average the app takes clinicians 10 minutes or less to complete an assessment with patients."

Jeremy Gee
Community Advanced Practitioner

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust