Oscar Petherick

Research & Development Manager

Oscar was appointed to the new role of Graduate Research and Development Associate in July 2021, following the completion of the University of Sheffield’s MEng Bioengineering degree. This multidisciplinary degree covers traditional disciplines, such as medicine, computer science and materials science, commercial areas of study such as project management, finance and law, as well as cutting edge subjects such as tissue engineering and in silico modelling.

Following a placement with the company in August 2020, Oscar and ELAROS remained in touch over the course of his final year where he undertook a dissertation project in the investigation of an in silico tool for clinical applications. In his new role, Oscar is supporting the development and clinical rollout of the C19-YRS across the U.K. will develop his skills and support the company in the release of ongoing projects as well as the development and management of new digital health solutions.