Oscar Petherick

Research & Development Manager

Oscar joined ELAROS in July 2021, following the completion of the University of Sheffield’s multidisciplinary MEng Bioengineering degree.

Appointed to the role of Graduate Research and Development Associate, Oscar worked across all aspects of the development of the C19-YRS, which was quickly gaining traction amongst NHS Long COVID clinics. During this time, he worked with the team to garner and convert interest in the system as well as designing and testing new features, creating materials for marketing, and instructing users.

In April 2022 Oscar was promoted to the role of Research and Development Manager. In this role he acts as Project Manager for ELAROS Innovate UK Project, Neu-Restore, which will deliver a new way to assess and monitor stroke rehabilitation. Oscar continues his work in the development of the C19-YRS, which is now embedded in the landscape of Long COVID assessment and research. Additionally, he oversees ELAROS’ hydration product portfolio and will play a key role in the development of new ELAROS systems, which are set to roll out in 2023.