Román Rocha Lawrence

Director of Research & Development

Román Rocha Lawrence joined ELAROS in July 2019 as our Graduate Trainee Research & Development Manager after graduating from The University of Sheffield with a First Class Honours MEng Degree in Bioengineering.

As part of his degree which drew on various engineering disciplines, management, science and medicine, Román specialised in Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Medical Devices and Computational Medicine; completing a summer research project with INSIGNEO in 2018; Europe’s largest research institute dedicated entirely to the development, validation, and use of in silico medicine technologies.

Román made a substantial impact at ELAROS in his first year using his broad depth of knowledge of interdisciplinary STEM subjects and entrepreneurial experience outside of academia, forming key partnerships for the company at an early stage and managing two pivotal Innovate UK funded projects for ELAROS.

Román has managed the (digital) C19-YRS development with ELAROS’ industrial, academic and clinical partners and will be responsible for the clinical rollout and national launch of the system in the NHS and private sector.