C19-YRS for Researchers

A complete and customisable digital solution for the design, delivery, and management of clinical research studies into long-term conditions

  • Recommended by NHS England, NHS Scotland and NICE
  • Co-developed by patients, The University of Leeds, Leeds Long COVID rehab team, and ELAROS
  • Used to deliver NIHR Long COVID Research


Scoring of symptom severity and functional ability 

Easy to use, secure and scalable platform to oversee patients

User friendly with visual aids for patients to monitor their progress

not-for-profit solution for all NHS organisations

The system has been developed further to pivot towards supporting clinical research projects on long-term conditions, such as COPD. 

Research teams of varying size are able to configure the platform’s features based on a study’s protocol, desired duration and participant information.

Features for Researchers

Benefits for Researchers

Ongoing Research Projects

The University of Leeds are leading a £3.4 million multi-national research study on Long Covid funded by the NIHR. It includes 8 UK Universities and 10 NHS sites, with ELAROS named as its technology partner. The digital C19-YRS system is central to the project and will accelerate the remote collection of patient data collection from 3 British nations.

More information available in the Research Brochure


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