ELAROS and Leeds NHS Trust announce National Long COVID webinar

On the 20th September ELAROS will be hosting another webinar in the series covering the C19-YRS, titled “NHS long COVID guidance 2022: How ELAROS’ platform can support clinics”

This webinar will provide an overview of PROMs used in the Leeds LC clinic and how ELAROS’ system can help clinics to meet the NHSE requirements. In light of the recently published NHS England Plan for improving long COVID services and National commissioning guidance for post COVID services, this short webinar aims to provide stakeholders involved in the management and delivery of long COVID services with a comprehensive overview of the C19-YRS and of ELAROS’ digital platform. 

One will be able to hear from Leeds long COVID Rehab team and the University of Leeds Clinical Team and their joint work with ELAROS, who will review the use of outcome measures at the Leeds service which is highlighted as a case study in the NHSE guidance. They will also discuss the need for condition-specific measures in long COVID, such as the C19-YRS, which are being evaluated as part of the NIHR-funded LOCOMOTION project. 

This will be followed by a presentation from ELAROS to provide an overview of the NHSE recommeded PROMs for adult and CYP clinics, with insight into how the digital system is being used to support patients. 

If you would like to sign up and register your interest in the webinar you can follow the link here

Furthermore, if you would like more information on the recently released NHSE long COVID guidance, you can read the article linked here

For more information, please contact c19-yrs@elaros.com