Long Covid patient reported app helps overcome socio-economic barriers

Article published on the 19th of January 2024 by the University of Leeds on the future of digital PROMs. 

‘Long COVID reported app helps overcome socio-economic barriers’

A summary of the article and summary points can be read here, but for the full article, please follow the link above.


Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funding gave Dr Manoj Sivan the opportunity to overcome socio-economic barriers between medicine and social sciences. He employed a research fellow (Román Rocha Lawrence – ELAROS Director of Research and Development) to help develop a knowledge-sharing app for patients managing Long Covid symptoms at home. 

Dr Manoj Sivan made it clear that ‘Long Covid is a public health problem, and our digital platform means we can reach people in the community outside of a clinical environment. Interdisciplinary work with LSSI, therefore, is vital, as we can step beyond a medical setting to deliver resources and care for people in their homes’ 

The article went on to say that IAA funding was able to provide the knowledge exchange element, which made developing the digital app for public use a truly collaborative effort.